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»Bilginler suyu bol bir yere benzerler.
Nereye kazma vurulursa oradan su çikar.«

Has Hacib, Yusuf: (1017-1077 »2010«), Kutadgu Bilig, Istanbul, Iskele, S.41


»Scholars look like places rich of water.
Wherever you start digging, there will get out water.«


»Gelehrte ähneln Orten, reich an Wasser.
Wo auch immer man ansetzt zu graben, quillt Wasser hervor.«

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Mustafa Bilgin
My name is Mustafa Bilgin. I was born in Bielefeld, Germany. Now, I live in Wuppertal, Germany. Welcome to my personal web page! This site serves to present my person. You will find a lot of principles of teaching and engineering subjects. Here, for more information

Utopia? Atychiphobia of the German education system.

HauptschulabschlussMaster of Education

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